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79066 m. Lviv, vul. Gruntova, 1

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79034 m. Lviv, a/s 4158


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Majewski Andriy Volodymyrovych - director

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Реєстраційний номер підприємства: 35774875

Банк: PAT "Rayffayzen Bank Aval'"

МФО: 380805

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Про компанію

Private enterprise "system Optimum" is the leading company in Western Ukraine, which sells chemical reagents and raw materials, laboratory and chemical ware, laboratory equipment and furniture related products.

Our employees are qualified experts in the fields of chemistry, economics, information technology and the Internet. Advantages - reasonable price and high quality products, reliability, wide range of products and efficiency in finding your desired product.

We offer imported our products manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America (CHEMICALS: isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), propylene glycol, glycerin, zinc oxide, sodium hydroxide, cation exchanger etc. Laboratory devices: distiller, microscopes, pressure gauge, pH meter, the weight of trade scales, electronic , laboratory etc., laboratory glassware, funnels, thermometers, test tubes, cuvettes, flasks, glasses etc.).

Our customers are industrial, research, educational and diagnostic laboratories, heavy industry and mechanical engineering, food and household sector, health facilities, sanitation centers, farms, construction companies and others.

All products have quality certificates and other supporting documents and meets national standards. The range of chemical reagents, chemical and veterinary substances and chemical laboratory glassware, laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture is growing, and the product, which is available at the warehouse delivered to the customer within a specified time.

We hope that 15 years experience of successful team "System Optimum" in the chemical market Ukraine will help you choose the best everything you need for your laboratory and production. We will become an integral part of your success.
We have the honor mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with you!


Reagents and chemical raw materials / Laboratory glass and chemical ware / Laboratory Equipment / Laboratory and medical furniture
m. Chernivtsi
prov. Industrialʹnyy, 7D.
tel/faks: (0372) 58-64-68, 51-55-90

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